Tome of Lore


Barzlin “Beardy” Izehammir

Rowanas of the Kiwanis


Carne – Large, scarred man. Dark hair. Chainmail armor. Crest on shield was a flaming goat head. V owed Barzlin would regret interfering with the fight he had begun outside the Lady Goose.

Barathial – Non human. Long blonde hair. Pointy ears. Part of an adventuring group called the Blue Dogs. Carne had started the fight with him and Barzlin had stepped in to aide him.

Wren – Met in the Lady Goose. Female Halfling Delver

Innage – Met in the Lady Goose.

Rol – (?)

Zan – Owner of the Lady Goose. Been in control for 6 months.

Thedor – Old owner of the Lady Goose, now owns the Gilded Well. Offering $10 per goblin head brought to him. Unkown why he wants the heads.

Grok – Blacksmith in Goblins Gold. Owns Groks Protections.

Modrin – Gnome. Owns Modrins Magical Menagerie.

(Names Unknown) – Robed figures found in the catacombs that appeared to be in control of the undead “people” that were found in the catacombs that fought Barzlin, Rowanis and Wrath.

Ozin – Owner of Ozins Wares which sells assorted items for adventuring, food stuffs and other random items.

Durgen Stormborne – Ancient dwarf peddler that sold Barzlin Kluzing Ize.


Unkown race – Creatures that attacked Barzlin in the forest. Goblin blood as Kluzing Ize glowed in their presence. Deep green skin. Snake tattoos on arms, snake head with fangs bared as a face/head tattoo. 5 feet tall. Very muscular. Wearing armor that is not normal for goblins. Their arrows were dipped in a poison that comes from a mushroom.

Giant Spider – (name?) – Lived in the cavern in the entrance of the catacombs. Large, the size of two elephants. Tarantula-esque. Seemed to be the “queen” of a group of large spiders that also lived in the cavern. Her “children?” All very aggressive towards any intruders to the cavern. “Queen” lost a part of one leg during the escape from the catacombs.

Undead “people” – Found in the catacombs. Appeared to be dead and unaware to anything or anyone in their surroundings until a “Robed One” directed them. they then would become violent and attack. Unknown if these were once people that had died and were brought back to life or creatures created by the robed ones by means of magic.


Goblin’s Gold

The Lady Goose

Ozin’s Wares


The Gilded Well


“Goblin” arrows – These arrows that are utilized by the creatures fought in the forest are thick arrow bolts that are tipped with a black arrowhead that is dipped in a poison that was identified by Rowanis as coming from a mushroom in the forest.

Poison mushroom – Found in the forests. Shiny purple in color. Only one antidote. Another mushroom

Antidote mushroom – Found in the stumps of rotting trees. Light lavender in color. Matte color. Not shiny at all.

Spider leg – Modrin, from the magic shop, was very enthusiastic to purchase this leg for reasons unknown. Assuming will use it for his potions.

Glowing rocks – These three milky glowing rocks were found in the middle of a room in the catacombs in a triangle formation. their use is unknown but Barzlin took the three rocks.

Horned Helmet – Barzlin found this in the blacksmiths shop. Grok had stated that he purchased this off a traveler that came through the town. He verified it was dwarven and of the old blacksmith ways. Barzlin bought it. the runes also appear on this helmet and it almost exudes a sense of power or a type of energy.

Ancient carvings in the catacombs -

Tome of Lore

Goblin's Gold Barzlin