Goblin's Gold

Intro for Wrath


There are places of power within the forests – sacred groves. These are places where the trees and spirits of the woods retain the memories of all that has happened in the forest, passed down through the ages. Then, there are those places that do not forget the wrongs done, the injustices to nature. These are the dark hearts of the wood.

Wrath, fleeing into the mighty forests of the Untamed Lands stumbled into one of these dark places at the young age of 5. With his father’s blood still fresh on his body and his mind overpowered with fear, sadness, and hatred, the boy was chosen. The spirits of all woodland creatures infused the boy’s very being, filled up his consciousness, and gave him strength. This included those of a darker nature – those bent on vengeance. The boy would live and would now be filled with a purpose: To be a weapon of nature and destroy the enemies of the forest.

It has been many years since the boy, now known only as Wrath, wandered into the Untamed Lands. Consciousness returns slowly at first. Hibernation is one of the few reprieves from the nightmares, but it is early spring once more. Wrath changes from bear form back to a human and sniffs the air. Goblins. Their foul stench fills the air. Four months and they dare to venture back out into the woods… They will know fear. Wrath quickly changes form into a wren and takes off like an arrow to the source of the offensive blight.

Wrath Intro Move – Hide in Plain Sight

Wrath has taken many forms to infiltrate and kill goblins in their labyrinthine network of caves.

To determine how many additional animal essences Wrath has studied, roll +WIS.

On a 10+, Wrath has learned to transform into three of the forms below (your choice).
On a 7-9, Wrath has learned to transform into two of the forms below (your choice).
On a Miss, Wrath has learned to transform into one of the forms below (your choice).

[Cave Dwelling Forms: Bat, Rat, Warg, Any other you can think of and get GM Approval]

Opening move roll for Wrath = 5

Darting through the trees, you arrive just outside of earshot from the goblin party. Your keen eyes identify a score of them, all riding wargs, wolf-like creatures that are as inbred and twisted as their masters. A raiding party. Many times in the past you have you have taken on the form of a warg to completely sunder their encampments from within before they even knew what was happening. Getting low to the ground, you shift back into human form before evoking the spirits to transform into a warg. The smell… You remember again… The blood of your family mixed with the putrid stench of goblin. Suddenly, you body painfully contorts. The rage…. the hate, it is taking over. The dark spirit of the woods.

Painfully arched upright on two legs, muscles rip across your sides, up your arms, and down your legs. Hair and claws protrude where your hands used to be. Your head elongates and becomes a mass of fangs and teeth. A mighty howl reverberates through the trees, spooking the goblin raiding party. You care not, for all that exists is the rage… The werewolf is in control now.

Bounding through the trees with supernatural agility, you quickly catch up to the goblin vanguard. Their limbs scatter like leaves in the wind. Warg mixed with goblin, you carve a bloody swath through their ranks. Holding their leaders head in your hands, you squeeze until what little brains were once in his head have oozed out through empty eye sockets.

Red slowly fades from your view and you gain control again as the darkness recedes. You awake as if it was all a dream, like many times before. The goblin head you still hold in your hands has started to attract hungry flies and the sun is much lower in the sky – almost dusk. You walk to the closest stream and wash the gore and the stink of goblin off.

Emerging from the cool water, you smell something… new. Or old. The knowledge of the spirits imparts strange feelings. Interpreting them is the difficult part. Either way, your very core is saturated with revulsion for this new threat to the woods.

You know what you must do.



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