Goblin's Gold

Intro for Barzlin "Beardy" Izehammir

Barzlin “Beardy” Izehammir

Few days go by without Barzlin recalling the fateful day when he first saw Kluzing Ize. A wizened travelling peddler by the name of Durgen Stormborne sought out the young and brash Barzlin. By this time, Barzlin had made a name for himself as one of the most feared mercenaries in the Tarnlands. The ancient dwarf possessed a massive ornate hammer he called Kluzing Ize by name. He had sold Barzlin the hammer for a mere pittance and in his youthful ignorance, Barzlin mistook this for weakness. Durgen spoke very little, but departing, he looked into Barzlin’s eyes and said something that he has remembered to this day: The blood of old still runs strong.

After his father Dzorn’s death and the revelation of his true heritage, Barzlin became obsessed with finding out about where he came from as well as the origins of his mysterious hammer. He searched far and wide as to the whereabouts of Durgen Stormborne, but to no avail. The travelling dwarf was never seen again.

After many years and almost his entire savings squandered, Barzlin has at last discovered one clue that can lead him on his true path to discovery: The single rune embroidered into the blanket that he was wrapped in as an infant can also be found in the ruins beneath Goblin’s Gold.

Turning his stubborn and unwaivering focus towards Goblin’s Gold, Barzlin set off in search of answers. The trek from Pinevale, a tiny village on the outskirts of the Untamed Lands, to Goblin’s Gold is long and arduous. After spending his last few coins on supplies, the headstrong dwarf marched through the forests for days. It eventually become apparent to Barzlin that he was no longer sure that he was travelling in the right direction and provisions were beginning to run low. Sleep that night was restless and full of strange dreams:

Barzlin Intro Move – Dream of the Untamed Lands

Durgen Stormborne appears to you as a younger dwarf almost your size. In the dream he is sitting next to a fire where many runes burn in the air around it. He is chanting words, but they are not of the common tongue. Suddenly, the runes in the glow with a white, burning light. Kluzing Ize appears in your hands and the fire takes the shape of a snake. Durgen’s chanting grows faster. Instinctively, you smash the hammer into the side of the snake. There is a loud flash, then all is quiet. Both the clear and dark crystals on Kluzing Ize glow with an eerie light and the hammer hums with power. It is rapidly growing colder and the humming sound is getting louder. It reaches an almost unbearable crescendo of intensity… and then you wake up.

To interpret the meaning of the dream, roll +WIS.

On a 10+, You discern three truths regarding your signature weapon.
On a 7-9, You discern two truths regarding your signature weapon.
On a Miss, You discern one truth regarding your signature weapon.

As you slowly wake from your dream, your eyes focus on the hammer by your side. You blink them again, just to make sure it is not a dream. Kluzing Ize is glowing.

Opening move roll for Barzlin = 10

You intuitively understand each of the elements of the dream with perfect clarity and know it to be a true portent because of it’s realistic intensity. All of these elements must come to pass before you can discover the true nature of Kluzing Ize.

The young form of the dwarf Durgen represents your relative inexperience with Kluzing Ize. The weapon is clearly of ancient origin, yet it shines as if it was forged yesterday. Your lifetime is a mere blink of an eye from the hammer’s vast perspective. [The true power of Kluzing Ize can only be unlocked after you take the Improved Weapon advanced move]

The fire represents the mind. The runes above the mind represent something that must be known. The runes look very similar to those found on Kluzing Ize’s haft. Knowing them is key to knowing Kluzing



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